Sometimes, we encounter the problem of reduction gearbox damage when using it but don’t know the reasons. In fact, if you know the reasons of gearbox reducer damage, you will learn how to select the appropriate deceleration devices and how to prevent the gearboxes damage. The following reasons are summarized by Aokman engineers.

1. Wrong Selection.

In other words, the Reduction Gearboxes you purchased don’t suit for the current working conditions. There may be many reasons, such as, the sales representative doesn’t provide the best solution (including gearbox selection) for you according to your application.

2. Wrong Operation.

Such as:
Do not follow the operating instructions and Ignore precautions.
Arbitrarily replace parts related to gearbox.

3. Lack of Regular Maintenance.

Regular maintenance is critical for the lifespan of reduction gearboxes.

4. Maybe Quality Defects.

It may be the defects of overall design or components which causes the gearboxes damage. It needs to judge based on the actual situation.