SMR series hanging Shaft Mounted Gearbox is the new series shaft mount gearbox developed and manufactured by AOKMAN®. SMR series shaft mounted gearbox is hanged by tie rod and installed by shafts.
1. Precision Cast Iron Housing
2. Alloy Steel Shafts, Solid Input Shaft, Hollow Output Shaft
3. High Precision Hardened Helical Gears
4. Skeleton Oil Seal
5. Accessories: Tie Rod, Backstop
Mounted Type:
Tie rod hanging shaft mounted, Flange mounted
SMR series hanging shaft mounted gearbox is very suitable for conveyors in mining, gravel production line, animal feeding, sewage treatment, baggage transport, bulk cargo transport, parcel transport, food processing, grain drying, etc.
The following picture is the illustration that SMR series is applied to conveyor in mining industry.
SMR Series Hanging Shaft Mounted Conveyor Gearbox

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