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AOKMAN RV 050 Series Worm Gearmotors Ready for Delivery

5 pcs RV050 worm gearmotors are ready for delivery to USA. The details are as follows: RV050 – E, Ratio i = 40 Integrated with YL71 Single Phase AC Induction Motor Power: 0.37kW (0.5HP) Voltage: 110V Frequency: 60Hz Poles: 4P (1750r/min) Dual capacitor Learn more about RV Worm Gearmotors and...


What is drum motor (or motorized pulley)?

According to Wikipedia, a drum motor (or motorised pulley) is a geared motor drive enclosed within a steel shell providing a single component driving pulley for conveyor belts. The drum motor comprises an asynchronous or synchronous electric motor, or hydraulic motor fixed to a stationary shaft at one end of...


Motor Brake and Brake Motor

According to Wikipedia, a brake is a mechanical device which inhibits motion, slowing or stopping a moving object or preventing its motion. Motor brake is a type of electromagnetic brake which is often used in electric motors and already part of Speed Reducers. AC Motor brakeAC Motor brake AC motor...