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Mounted Types of RV Series Worm Gear Reducer

RV series worm gear reducer has 3 mounted types: flange mounted, fix foot mounted and torque arm mounted. The following are illustrations of RV series mounted types. 1. Flange Mounted Flange Mounted RV Series Worm Gear Reducer 2. Fix Foot Mounted Foot Mounted RV Series Worm Gear Reducer 3. Torque...


Gear Reducers Widely Used in Dry Powder Mixer

Gear reducers contain cylindrical gear reducer and conical gear reducer. The cylindrical gear reducer is widely used in dry powder mixer. The conical gear reducer has the input shaft and output shaft perpendicular to each other, so it’s more suitable for the situation that the motor output shaft is vertical...


What is the gear motor?

Gear Motor, whose another alias is gear reducer, is a combination of Speed Reducer with motor. Generally, the gear motors are produced by speed reducer manufacturers, who integrate Speed Reducers with motors, and then supplied to customers.