According to Wikipedia, a drum motor (or motorised pulley) is a geared motor drive enclosed within a steel shell providing a single component driving pulley for conveyor belts.

The drum motor comprises an asynchronous or synchronous electric motor, or hydraulic motor fixed to a stationary shaft at one end of the drum and directly coupled through the motor’s rotor pinion to an in-line helical or Planetary Gearbox which is fixed to the other stationary shaft. The torque is transferred from the motor via the gearbox to the drum shell through a coupling or geared rim attached to the shell or end housing.

Because of the in-line transmission arrangement using 2 or 3 stage helical or planetary gears, up to 95% of the output power produced by the motor is typically transmitted to the drum shell. Gears can be made from high grade steel, sintered metal or polymers.

drum motors
Drum Motors

The drum motor is often used in airport check-in conveyors and security machines, food processing conveyors and weighing equipment, etc. The drum motors can be installed horizontally or vertically and used in non-conveyor belt applications.

According to the cooling mode, the drum motor can be divided into air-cooled drum motor, oil-cooled drum motor and oil-immersed drum motor. The drum motor comprises 3 drive modes: fixed shaft gear drive, cycloidal gear drive and planetary gear drive. And the electric motor can be installed internal or external of the motorised pulley.

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