QJY/QY Series Hardened Gear Reducers for Cranes

QJY/QY Series Crane Gearboxes/Hardened Gear Reducers

  • Power: Up to 6000kW
  • Stage: 2~4 Stage
  • Ratio: i=6.3~400
  • Types: Foot/3 Pivots
  • Input Speed: ≤1500RPM
  • Linear Velocity: ≤20m/s
  • Working Temperature: -40℃~45℃
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AOKMAN® QJY/QY series hardened gear reducers for cranes are developed according to the domestic and global market needs. QJY/QY series crane reducers have the features of large load capacity, high reliability, compact structure, light weight. QJY/QY series crane gearboxes are commonly suitable for lifting mechanism, running mechanism and luffing mechanism of cranes.

Main Features:

  • High precision, high efficiency
  • Large load capacity, high reliability
  • Smooth operation, low noise
  • Compact structure, light weight
  • Flexible connections to meet variable installation requirements

Technical Parameters:

  • Frame Sizes(Nominal Center Distance):
    QJY Series: 140~800
    QY Series: 160~800
  • Stage:
    QJY Series: 2~4 Stage
    QY Series: 3~4 Stage
  • Ratio:
    QJY Series: i=6.3~400
    QY Series: i=16~400


  • Cranes Lifting Mechanism, Running Mechanism And Luffing Mechanism

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