Three Rings Reducer
Three Rings Reducers
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Three Rings Reducers

  • 1 Stage Ratio: 11~99
  • 2 Stage Ratio: Maximum 9801
  • Output Torque: Maximum 938kN.m
  • Parameters: Customizable
  • Mounted: Horizontal/Vertical Mounting
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AOKMAN® Three Rings Reducer is an advanced transmission mechanism whose basic version is composed of one output shaft, two input shafts and three annular drive plates.

Three Rings Reducers Annular Drive Plates

Input Configurations:

  • Keyed Solid Shaft Input
  • Integrated with Electric Motor

Output Configurations:

  • Keyed Cylindrical Solid Shaft Output
  • Keyed Conical Solid Shaft Output
  • Involute splined Solid Shaft Output
  • Keyed Cylindrical Hollow Shaft Output
  • Keyed Conical Hollow Shaft Output
  • Involute splined Hollow Shaft Output

Main Features:

  • 1. High load capacity, superior performance, long service life
  • 2. Large and dense gear ratio, 1 stage reduction ratio 11~99, 2 stage reduction ratio maximum 9801
  • 3. Smooth operation, low noise, little vibration, the noise is less than 78 dB, and the vibration amplitude is less than 0.025mm
  • 4. High efficiency, single stage 92%~96%
  • 5. Compact structure, light weight
  • 6. Multiple shaft configurations. The two input sections of three rings transmission mechanism can be integrated with helical gear pair or spiral bevel gear pair
  • 7. Multiple mounting positions and connections, multistage combination, customizable sizes and configurations

Main Options:

  • Oil Immersion & Splash Lubrication
  • Circulating Oil Lubrication
  • Natural Cooling
  • Auxiliary Cooling Devices


  • Horizontal Mounting
  • Vertical Mounting


  • 1. Three rings reducer is applicable to continuous duty, intermittent duty, short time duty
  • 2. Recommended Lubricating Oil:
    Extreme pressure (EP) gear oils N110~N200
    Semi-fluid grease for intermittent duty
  • 3. Three rings reducer can substitute planetary gearboxes, cycloidal reducers, multi-stage cylindrical gear reducers and worm gearboxes in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, rubber, construction engineering, lifting industries

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