ZLYJ Extruder Gearbox
ZLYJ Extruder Gearboxes
ZLYJ Gearbox for single screw extruder
ZLYJ Gearbox for single screw extruders
ZLYJ Parallel Shaft Gearbox for Extruder
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ZLYJ/ZSYJ, SZ Series Extruder Gearboxes

  • Center Distance: 112mm~800mm
  • Center Height: 130mm~630mm
  • Ratio: 6.3~100
  • Torque: 510~183,600N.m
  • Axial Force: 35~1200kN
  • Gear Hardness: HRC54-62
  • Shafts Position: Parallel Shafts
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AOKMAN® extruder gearboxes have 2 popular series for 2 types screw extruders:
ZLYJ/ZSYJ Series Extruder Gear Units for Single Screw Extruders
SZ Series Extruder Gear Units for Conical Twin Screw Extruders
For parameters of SZ series gearbox and other extruder gearboxes applications, please consult our sales representatives and engineers.


1. Housing: Cast Iron or Steel Plate Welding
2. Gear Set: Hardened Helical Gear Pairs, Carburizing, Quenching, Grinding, Gear Hardness HRC54-62
3. Input Configurations:
Keyed Solid Shaft Input
4. Output Configurations:
Hollow Shaft Output




1. High strength alloy steel gears and shafts, sturdy and wearable
2. Hollow output shaft integrated with strong thrust bearings to withstand axial force of the screw
3. Large load capacity, superior performance for screw extruders applications
4. High efficiency, high reliability, long service life, low noise
5. Optional international brands of bearings and oil seals (Taiwan NAK Oil Seals)


ZLYJ / ZSYJ Series
Models Ratio Center Height Output Bore Dia.(H8) Input Shaft Dia.(m6)
ZLYJ112 6.3~20 130mm Φ35 Φ28
ZLYJ133 6.3~20 140mm Φ38 Φ28
ZLYJ146 6.3~20 160mm Φ45 Φ32
ZLYJ173 6.3~20 170mm Φ50 Φ38
ZLYJ200 6.3~20 240mm Φ60 Φ45
ZLYJ225 6.3~20 250mm Φ70 Φ55
ZLYJ250 6.3~20 280mm Φ80 Φ60
ZLYJ280 6.3~20 300mm Φ90 Φ65
ZLYJ315 6.3~20 350mm Φ100 Φ75
ZLYJ330 6.3~20 350mm Φ110 Φ85
ZLYJ375 6.3~20 400mm Φ110 Φ85
ZLYJ420 6.3~20 460mm Φ120 Φ95
ZLYJ450 6.3~20 500mm Φ170 Φ100
ZLYJ630 6.3~20 630mm Φ180 Φ120
ZSYJ450 22.4~100 500mm Φ170 Φ75
ZSYJ560 22.4~100 580mm Φ160 Φ95
ZSYJ630 22.4~100 630mm Φ180 Φ100
SZ Series
Screw Diameter (mm) 35 45 50 55 65 80 92
Power (KW) 11 18.5 22 30 37 55 110
Output Speed (RPM) 47 45 38 38 39 39 40


Plastic Extruders
Rubber Extruders
Single Screw Extruders (ZLYJ/ZSYJ Series Extruder Gearbox)
Conical Twin Screw Extruders (SZ Series Extruder Gearbox)


Horizontal Mounted
Vertical Mounted


Oil Dip and Splash Lubrication
Forced Lubrication (Additional Oil Pump)


Natural Cooling
Auxiliary Cooling Devices

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