MC.H Series Parallel Shaft Industrial Gearbox
MC.H Series Parallel Shaft Gearbox
MC.B Series Right Angle Industrial Gearbox
MC.B Series Right Angle Gearbox
MC.B Series Orthogonal Shaft Right Angle Gearbox
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MC Series Industrial Gearbox

  • Housing: Casting Iron
  • Machine Base No.: 02 ~ 09
  • Input Power: 7.05 KW-1066 KW
  • Output Speed: 15.5-267.1 rpm
  • Output Torque: 8000 N.m-65000 N.m
  • Ratio: 7.1-112
  • Stage: 2-3 Stage
  • Color: Blue or Customized
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MC series industrial gearbox has the following 2 types:

MC.H Series Parallel Shaft Gearbox
MC.B Series Right Angle Gearbox


1. Housing:
Casting Iron Box
2. Gears:
Hardened Helical Gears (MC.H Series Parallel Shaft Gearbox)
Hardened Helical Bevel Gears (MC.B Series Right Angle Gearbox)
3. Shafts:
Parallel Shafts (MC.H Series)
Orthogonal Shafts (MC.B Series)
Output Shaft: Solid Shaft, Hollow Shaft
4. Modular Accessories:
Shrink Disk, Mounting Flange, Motor Flange, Cooling Fan, Torque Arm, Double Input Shaft


Total 8 Model Sizes: MC02 ~ MC09


1. Optional mounted by any one side of six sides.
2. Compact structure, light weight.
3. Rigid welded box structure, heavy duty and high load capacity.
4. Modular scheme and design for special conditions, adapting to the diverse needs.
5. 2 stage or 3 stage drive gearbox.


Input Power 7.05 KW-1066 KW
Output Speed 15.5-267.1 rpm
Output Torque 8000 N.m-66000 N.m
Transmission Ratio 7.1-112
Transmission Stage 2-3 Stage


Crushing, Mixing, Building Materials, Lifting, Bulk Material Handling, Chemical, Food Processing, Wood, Paper, and Environmental Protection Industries.


Mounting Type: Horizontal Mounting, Vertical Mounting, Upright Mounting
Installation Method: Foot Mounted, Torque Arm Mounted


Selecting the appropriate lubrication method according to the lubricating oil level.

Lubrication method:
Splash lubrication - Low oil level (Horizontal Mounting)
Immersion lubrication - High oil level (Vertical Mounting, Upright Mounting)

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