Reduction Gearbox Application in Sugar Machine


It is well known that a machine is usually made up of three parts: the engine, transmission device and working machine. In addition, according to the requirements of the machine when it works, it is possibly necessary for control system, lubrication, lighting and other auxiliary system. Mechanical transmission device is defined as an intermediate device which transport the mechanical energy from engine to working machine.

Sugar machine press system is mainly composed of motor, reduction gearbox, transmission host (presser) and the hydraulic system. The main purpose of the reduction gearbox is passing motor power to presser, and through the reduction ratio to meet the presser required torque and speed.

Sugar mill dedicated hardened gear surface parallel shaft reduction gearbox adopts the power diversion structure, and has the features of compact structure, large carrying capacity, stable transmission, low noise, long service life, good reliability, etc.

Sugar cane press transmission device generally also use the gear reducer, its role is to increase the output torque of the motor, reduce the speed, to meet the requirements of sugarcane crushing machine. Compared with general reducer, sugarcane crushing machine dedicated reduction gearbox has the features as follows:

1. Continuous operation, and strong shock load, the biggest short-term load may be 50% larger than normal load. It is a typical reduction gearbox of low speed and heavy loading.

2. Highly seasonal, annual winter and spring working 120 to 150 days, it must complete the annual production task of sugarcane crushing and pressing.

3. Big size, heavy weight, high cost, long cycle of production and installation, lead to high difficulty for production and maintenance.

Due to the above reasons, sugarcane machine reducer must not have failures in the case of prolonged continuous operation and full load.

ZY series parallel shaft reduction gearbox produced by Aokman® is very suitable and capable for application in sugar refinery. And we have the proven solutions and experience for sugar industry. Welcome to consult and inquiry.

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